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WISH Kindergarten Student's Story to be Performed by Story Pirates



WISH Kindergartener Kaileau Ryan says his short story, My Brother, is about his imaginary brother who "eats jam and houses and stuff." So, what happens next? If you want to find out, you'll have to come to the July 2nd show by the Story Pirates in Westwood, where the author's tale will be acted out.

Kaileau describes Story Pirates as "this thing where they perform your story and you get to watch it and you get to take pictures." The Story Pirates mission is to celebrate the words and ideas of young people, promoting literacy and creative writing in children. It is a national organization which was founded in 2003, with in-school writing workshops and assembly performances. Currently on stage in Manhattan and Los Angeles, a Story Pirates performance is a musical sketch comedy acted by adults and comprised entirely of stories written by elementary school students. The award winning show has been described as "Monty Python meets Schoolhouse Rock."

Kaileau's mom, Nicole Hill, says that she can hardly wait for Kaileau's short story to be featured. After all, he wrote it back when he was four years old. "The greatest thing about this group is that any submission is [considered] worthy and performed." In fact, submitted stories can be any length and written about any topic. The only rules are that stories must be entirely original (no Star Wars or Hannah Montana), and written entirely by kids, with no tweaking by parents or teachers. "It is not a competition, but a goal of encouraging kids to write, whatever it is that they have in their little heads," Nicole states. "It's so refreshing in such a competitive town as L.A."

Although he's keeping quiet about the rest of his My Brother story, Kaileau doesn't hesitate to talk about the next one he's currently working on. "My next story is going to be about a plant-eating dinosaur," he says, squatting low to the ground and acting it out. Coming soon, to a stage near you!

Come join Kaileau and other WISH students to see My Brother performed by the Story Pirates, on Saturday, July 2nd at 2:00pm at the Geffen Playhouse Kinross Annex. Tickets will be available online at http://storypirates.org/shows-events/la-mainstage-show/. Also check out the website to find out how you can submit your own child's original short story to be performed by the Story Pirates.

Geffen Playhouse Kinross Annex
10920 Kinross Ave
Westwood, CA 90024