WISH Community Association

The WISH Community Association (WCA) works to maintain the close relationship that exists between the school teachers and administrators, the students, and their parents. Every parent of a student currently enrolled at WISH Charter is considered a member of the WCA, and we also invite the participation of extended family members, friends, neighbors and other community members. Our culture is one of volunteerism, and we ask that families contribute in ways which match with their own talents and resources, in order to help to enrich the educational experience of our students. Among its myriad of functions, the WCA helps work with the teachers to integrate enrichment programs (such as the Library and Garden) within the school curriculum, and organizes volunteers to serve as Room Parents and to assist with hot lunch and play yard duty. The WCA supports the school and its students by organizing community-building events, and helps to raise funds for the school and its Arts, Music, Physical Education and Technology programs. We are dedicated to working with the WISH Charter administration to enhance and maximize the education of every child, while aiding them in reaching their highest potential.


The WCA Leadership Team would like to invite you to become involved at WISH Charter, as your gift of volunteerism helps make WISH the best school it can be. To find out more about various programs, committees, and events at WISH, click on the links to the left, or check out this document: WISH Committee and Event Descriptions.

Contact the WCA Leadership Team (2017-18):


Cory Birkett - birkettcory@gmail.com

Eve Keller - ewkeller@sbcglobal.net

Raj Makwana - rkmakwana@gmail.com

Lynda Modaff - lyndamodaff@gmail.com

Patti Scott - patti@scottml.com

Christy Skura - cskura@sbcglobal.net

Ivey Steinberg - ivey_steinberg@yahoo.com

Amy Washburn - amykwashburn@gmail.com