Dear WISH Families,


On behalf of the WISH Community Association (WCA), welcome to our 2017-18 school year! We would like to thank you for your support and for being involved in your child's education. It is our great community of families and friends that work together with the school administration to bring a well-rounded educational experience to our WISH scholars.  This partnership and your support is a vital part of WISH's success!


At Back to School Night, we kicked-off our Annual Giving Campaign -our single largest fundraisingeffort of the year, generating the majority of the WCA income for the school year. Like all public schools, WISH is dependent on several funding sources to meet its ongoing needs which includes state and city funds, large education grants, and outside fundraising efforts. It is our Annual Giving campaign, though, that helps to raise the majority of the additional funds needed to pay for staffing and enrichment programs that set WISH apart from most public schools.  


What does our Annual Giving Campaign support?

Your dollars support smaller class sizes, providing personalized education for every student. In addition, the campaign funds additional teachers and programs the WCA brings to WISH:


-Art Teacher, Supplies and Curriculum

-Music Teacher, Instruments and Curriculum

-Computer Teacher, Technology Equipment and Instruction

-Physical Education Teacher, Supplies and Program


Our goal is 100% Family Participation!

Annual Giving funds support every child at WISH Charter. We suggest an annual contribution of $1,200 per child in order to meet the funding gap. However, if you cannot make this suggested donation, please donate whatever amount you can. Every dollar counts!


Your donation is 100% tax deductible! Please fill out the enclosed Annual Giving Donation pledge form and bring it with you to Back to School Night, put it in your child's return folder, or drop it off in the school office. You can also give online at .


On behalf of our school and students, thank you for your consideration and support!


Sincerely, Annual Giving Co-Chairs 2017

Christy Skura and Raj Makwana



Who is the WCA and why do they lead the Annual Giving Campaign?

The WISH Community Association is our version of a PTA - but WISH is a community of involved parents, businesses and teachers, and we are open to all who want to participate. The WCA leads all fundraising efforts on behalf of WISH including Annual Giving.

I pay taxes to support public education, why do I need to give more?

There is a gap between what federal, state and local funds provide for public schools and the amount needed to educate each child according to WISH's six tenets and a whole scholar approach. Closing the funding gap allows WISH to continue its proven teaching model.


-WISH receives approximately $7,826 per student as a public school. The cost of a WISH education is $9,074 per student.

-Therefore, we must raise $1,248 per student to continue providing: Small Class Sizes, Differentiated Instruction, Technology Equipment (Laptops, iPads, Smartboards, Projectors), Technology Instruction that includes Computer Science and Programming, Music Classes (Voice and Theory), Physical Education classes, Fine Art classes, and Playground supplies.

WISH has many fundraisers throughout the year - how do I know what to give to?


-The WCA strives to provide families with many options to get involved, connect with other families, and have fun while raising money through smaller events all year long - restaurant nights, annual online auction, Fall Festival, WISH cafes, and more.


-These are important, however, the largest portion, comes from direct donations. The pledges and funds raised through Annual Giving allow us to plan for the remainder of the year and identify the gap we still need to fill with additional fundraisers.

How much should my family give? What if my family can't afford to give?

That is a personal decision. Achieving 100% participation is crucial, so deciding the giving level that is right for your family and participating during the campaign timetable is most important. Ideally, a family's giving reflects their commitment to WISH Charter, their desire to support the school's mission, and their individual circumstances.


-While we have enormous support from our families, WISH is a public, tuition-free school, and contributions are in no way required. We understand that families may not have the ability to donate.


-We continue to seek opportunities to augment how much we need through corporate donations. Foundations like to see a high percentage of participation by parents in donations and volunteerism. If we can tellFoundations that we have 100% participation in parent donations, we may be eligible for more funding.


-If every family donates something - even $1 - we reach our goal of 100% participation!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Any funds that you give to WISH are tax-deductible: 501(c)3: 36-4632876. Thank you letters for tax-filing purposes are sent to all donors after the campaign.



Will my company match my gift?Can others make donations to Annual Giving?

Very possibly! Thousands of companies match employees' gifts to eligible nonprofits. This can double or even triple your gift to WISH Charter. Contact your human resources for your company's policy. Grandparents and family friends are also welcome to donate. Let us know if you need additional Annual Giving Donation forms and we would be happy to provide them.

How do I give? Can I pay in installments? What are my options for donating?


-Make a one-time donation for whatever you can give.


-Make a pledge now to give later in the year.


-Donations can be made by writing a check to WISH Charter or online. From the WISH website ( ), click the DONATE NOW button on the top right side of the page. You can choose to donate in one lump sum, or schedule a monthly donation for whatever you can provide - adding up to the total amount you pledge.