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Many employers offer corporate matching programs, which can double or even triple the impact of your donation. If you are unsure if your company will provide a matching gift, or would like more information, please check with your human resources or personnel department. A partial list of matching companies is attached. If you would like assistance with this, please inquire in the WISH office.

 About WISH Charter School

WISH Charter is a public independent elementary and middle school that opened in the Westchester area of Los Angeles in 2010. The WISH mission is to maximize every child's learning potential within an atmosphere of caring and belonging. WISH's instructional philosophy rests upon the concepts of hands-on learning, meaningful instructional activities, systematic instruction, and a collaborative group of professionals working together to make the learning environment exciting for students. Evidence-based teaching strategies are tailored to meet individual development.

As we enter our sixth year, WISH continues to garner tremendous external support for our model, including recognition as a SWIFT Knowledge Development Site, receipt of a CMAST (Center for Math and Science Teaching) grant to support WISH's innovative Math and Science Curriculum, and WISH was voted Best Charter School in Westchester for the fourth year in row, as well as Best Public School and Best Place to Volunteer, to name just a few of our accolades.


Core elements of the WISH model

  • Optimal Class Size: K-3 classrooms have approximately 22 students. Grades 4-8 have up to 25 students per class.
  • Collaborative Teaching: Highly qualified, credentialed teachers, designated instructional service providers, supervised student teachers, and paraprofessionals work together in the classroom.
  • Differentiated Instruction: Through individualized learning profiles, WISH empowers and inspires learners to reach their highest potential.
  • Family Partnerships: The WISH Community Association (WCA) is comprised of parents, teachers, staff members and community members. Working together, we have built an incredible public school that is responsive to each child we serve.
  • All Children Belong:  Each class builds a strong, inclusive community together! The exceptional teachers at WISH are highly trained to provide rich access to all students using GATE strategies, differentiated instruction, technology and hands-on learning experiences.
  • Affiliation with Loyola Marymount University: As a research to practice site, WISH Charter engages in continual study with university professors, pre-service practitioners, and in-service specialists in order to provide an instructional model that ensures innovation and maintains best practices.


The Need

WISH Charter is operating in the Local District 3 of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). As a public school, we are subject to the same budget limitations and challenges that are affecting all of our local schools. The gap between what is provided for public school children by governmental funds and the actual needs of a public school is extremely wide. While we have enormous support from the WISH families, we must recognize that WISH is a public, tuition-free school, and these contributions are in no way required. We would never want those families that are unable to contribute monetarily to feel that they are less valued in any way. In order to reach our goals of providing a rich, diversified, inclusive learning environment at WISH Charter, we are seeking support from our local businesses in order to establish a partnership for in order to help our children to succeed. You can make a difference.


Corporate Matching

Support WISH Charter's vision for developing an inclusive learning community where diversity is appreciated and where each child is truly valued for their unique gifts. If your company does not already have a matching gifts program in place, please use this corporate matching form to indicate how you would like to donate. Donations can be submitted to:

      WISH Charter
      Attn:  Matching Gifts
      6550 West 80th Street
      Los Angeles, CA  90045

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help completing the matching gift form.  For more information, please contact our office at (310) 642-9474 or email Jennie Brook at

WISH Charter's Tax Identification Number is 36-4632876

Thank you for your support!!