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Public Random Drawing

If the number of students who wish to attend WISH Charter School exceeds the school's capacity, then attendance (except for existing students) is determined by a public random drawing in accordance to Education Code § 47605(d)(2)(B).  If a lottery is to be held it shall follow the guidelines as set forth in the District Charter School Policy and Guidelines. Lottery rules, deadlines, and the date and time for the public random drawing is communicated via the Enrollment Application and the WISH website, as they become available.  Public notice will be posted regarding the date and time of the random public drawing once the deadline date has passed.

A WISH Board Member, the Enrollment Coordinator, and at least one other school employee will conduct the Admissions Lottery as a public event to ensure that lottery procedures are fairly executed.  Procedures include announcing each applicant's lottery number; recording the number on paper; and entering the number in the school's database.

The random public lottery determines an applicants' waitlist status.  Those who apply after the lottery deadline are added to the end of the lottery waitlist in the order they are received. Offers for openings are made in waitlist number order until the spots are filled or the waitlist is exhausted.

Initial offers will be made in the week following the lottery drawing by phone. When an offer is made, WISH will request that applicants notify the school within 48 hours to indicate whether or not they will accept; if offers are declined or applicants do not respond, the spot is then offered to the next applicant on the waitlist. Email notificiation will be sent to each family on the waitlist once initial offers are accepted. 

The waitlist for the current school year remains active until WISH's admissions period commences for the following year.  Lottery applications are only valid for the current year.  Applicants must reapply for the lottery annually if WISH is unable to offer them admission for the current year.

WISH will invite LAUSD representatives and respected members of the community as official observers of the lottery to verify lottery procedures are fairly executed.