In the Classroom

In order to ensure greater depth of understanding among curricular areas, standards based curriculum is combined with evidence based teaching strategies at WISH.

Technology: Based on National Education Technology Standards, creative and effective uses of technology are interwoven throughout the content areas so that students become effective communicators, collaborators, publishers and producers.  Students have the necessary tools to be informed, responsible, and contributing citizens.

Language Arts: WISH offers a balanced approach to literacy by combining explicit phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency development, and reading comprehension instructional strategies.  Readers' and Writers' workshop is included in daily instructional experiences.

English Language Development: Imagine It! ELD. A language-based, literature-based, and content-based program organized around thematic units is integrated into native language themes and content, and matched with themes and content being taught in English.

Mathematics: Envision is a balanced curriculum that engages students in developing critical thinking and problem solving skills using hands on curriculum, technology driven explanations, and CGI strategies.

Science: FOSS California the science curriculum WISH uses is based on cognitive research.  FOSS uses an active learning approach in which students assume the role of scientists by making observations, asking questions, making predictions, collaborating and communicating with peers, and conducting experiments to test ideas and verify results. FOSS excites students and motivates them for more advanced study in science.

History/Social Science: Our social studies curriculum is engaging for students and helps make history come alive in the classroom.  Students often enjoy reenactments, technology based quests, and community based activities that support a deeper understanding of our past, present, and future.

Physical Education/Health: Our physical education program builds a foundation for appropriate instructional practices that promote and maintain the attainment of movement skills, physical fitness, and health.

School-wide programs:

GATE Strategies: WISH Teachers have attended multiple trainings to support integration of GATE strategies throughout all curricular activities.   Depth and Complexity Icons, open ceiling activities, and our core curriculum, such as, Writers Workshop, Readers' Workshop, and STEM activities involving FOSS kits and CGI math strategies, naturally allows for differentiation and higher level thinking.

Community Sharing: Parent volunteers and teachers pair up weekly to facilitate social skills development and team building for each class.  Supporting social-emotional growth and building socially just communities is integral to a whole child approach to education.  This program builds opportunities for inclusiveness and respect, and increases the sense of confidence and responsibility within the student body.

Peaceful Playgrounds and Systematic Supervision for Elementary Schools: These  research-based comprehensive programs increase positive behavior on the playground and reduce negative behaviors.  All faculty and staff are trained in SWPBS strategies and work together to ensure that all students are successful in acheiving our schoolwide expectations.