Fifth Grade

The fifth grade program incorporates the constructivists learning theory into everyday instruction, engaging students in hands on, project-based learning.  Curriculum is differentiated to meet each child's learning needs.  Scholars participate in cooperative and collaborative learning activities designed to develop their social and academic skills.  In addition, technology, art, music, and PE are important, integral components of the fifth grade curriculum.

The language arts curriculum provides students an opportunity to solidify literacy skills. This includes:  fluency, comprehension, critical thinking, predicting, drawing conclusions, inference, and constructing genuine responses to literature.  Fifth graders engaged in multiple novel studies to help develop a deep level of comprehension. The writing program is integrated throughout all subjects and students practice the writing process through a variety of genres, such as, narratives, expository, and persuasive essays.  Along with the writing process, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are taught in context in order to be more meaningful to the students.

In math, fifth grade students begin to delve into complex mathematical concepts that utilize their higher level thinking skills.  Students begin to learn and master adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, decimals and fractions.  Students also begin learning algebraic expressions, volume, and graphing. Project-Based learning, manipulatives and computer-based programs are utilized to help students grasp concepts.

In social studies, fifth graders learn about United States history. Students cover the following topics: early explorers, the settlement of colonists, the American Revolution, the development of the United States, and the Civil War.  Students also learn about the 50 states through state report projects.   

In science, fifth graders study mixtures and solutions, water, planets and living systems.  Scholars utilize the scientific method through hands-on science experiments and record their hypothesis, data, and conclusions in a science notebook.

Technology instruction is an important part of our curriculum.  Multi-media presentations, including iMovie, digital citizenship, blended learning opportunities, programming, and building an iPad application are all part of the Planet Bravo technology curriculum.