First Grade

First Grade is where the magic begins. Building upon the fundamental skills the children learned in Kindergarten, the students read, write, add and subtract. It is very exciting to have your own desk and your own pencil box for the first time! The students are eager to learn and learning in First Grade is fun.

In Language Arts, we begin stringing together all of the sounds we have learned to writes stories and read more complex text. The students write in a journal everyday, exploring a variety of themes. The Language Arts units in First Grade are very interesting and each one culminates with a project, such as a diorama or an oral or written presentation.

In math, first graders learn about place value, number sense, measurement and collecting and organizing data in various ways. Using various technologies and websites, math is interactive and engaging .

Science is all about investigating and exploring. The themes explored in First Grade include Plants and Animals, Air and Weather, Outer Space, and Solids and Liquids. Art is incorporated into all subject areas on a regular basis.

Throughout the year, the first grade curriculum emphasizes the social environment. The theme of community is taught on different scales - the classroom community, the school community and the larger local. Children and adults are expected to share in the practice of values as a means to nurture an environment in which children can explore, stretch, succeed, and learn from their mistakes.