Kindergarten at WISH Charter - Designed with your Child in Mind.

The Kindergarten Program at WISH Charter Elementary emphasizes individualized instruction tailored to students academic, emotional and sociocultural needs. Using technology, project based learning, and a constructivist approach, WISH's Kindergarten program makes learning relevant and engaging for a wide array of students.

Student voice is regularly honored in kindergarten. Students are often asked "What do you want to know about the world?" and "How do you want to acquire this knowledge?" Through song and dance, technology and art, scientific inquiry and historical study, kindergarteners learn about the plants, animals and people of the past and present. At WISH, we regularly practice   the skills that are the foundation of instruction- reading, writing and mathematics. However, our students do not simply learn letters and numbers, they apply their knowledge regularly through letter and story writing.  Students are not only empowered to learn the rudiments of language, they are empowered to write and share their own stories, and books, if they choose. In Kindergarten, we work together to provide instruction that is standards based, but designed with your child in mind.