Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional K is a specially designed kindergarten program. The TK curriculum is based on Kindergarten Content Standards from the California Department of Education. Students are exposed to and/or master kindergarten standards in TK. Students are expected to enroll in kindergarten the following school year.

The areas of self-concept and self-esteem are not addressed in the California Content Standards but are heavily emphasized in Transitional Kindergarten. The areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History-Social Science, Physical Education, and Visual and Performing Arts are the foundation of the curriculum. Our daily schedule consists of whole group instruction and activities, small group instruction, as well as independent activities and free choice centers. Everyday students spend an hour in small groups moving through four centers: Writing, Math, Reading, and Independent Choice, as they are individually instructed by their co-teachers and explore different peer groups.

We extend our learning with vocal chorus, music reading lessons, and library opportunities, and regular experiences in the computer lab. Students also plant and maintain a garden plot of which one row is donated to the homeless. Fine motor, gross motor, and coordination are emphasized in our curriculum. In addition music, movement, social skills are naturally integrated into daily activities. Assessment and anecdotal records track children's areas of need and mastery of skills.

Who Would Benefit From Transitional Kindergarten?

Children who are five years old on or before December 2 are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten.

Many parents have a gut feeling that their child just may not be ready for kindergarten. Quite often, they are correct. These children may have a fall birthday, show no interest in paper and pencil tasks, and/or always just want to play.

Transitional Kindergarten benefits those children who need the gift of time. They receive a year to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. This gift of time prepares them for the academics and expectations of a traditional kindergarten the following school year. If you are unsure about which program would suit your child best, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss our available kindergarten programs.